How to Make Pure Vanilla Extract

Why buy Pure Vanilla Extract when you can have it on hand. And let me tell you "pure" is not always "pure" read the label.

Making your own Pure Vanilla Extract is so easy here we go plus the 100 % Madagascar Vanilla Beans finally arrived from  Saffron.com.

There are so  many I truly have to find more to do with them. I will be scouring our local websites for ideas. I found this little recipe on many sites although as you know I tweak things. I pretty much followed the general recipe but used a different vodka. And here is the reason why.

This great tip I found on the worldwide Webster is you can take the cheapest vodka and run it threw you Brita four times and it is just as good as your most expensive type.

And to prove it you need to keep a small glass of  the Vodka before filtering and after it is amazing and it is a good as the best. So if you have a Brita do it because it will save you a lot of money .

I poured my Vodka through my Brita 4 times which makes it quality vodka as I said earlier. Next step I poured it into one of my larger Ball jars. I used a 750 ml/ bottle of Vodka 80% and a little extra my mama had to get rid of.


I used 20 to 38 vanilla beans, split the beans lengthwise, and added them to the vodka. I use very large mason jar's and add vodka to it as I remove vanilla extract through out the year thus why I put so many beans in.

The Exact Recipe is listed right below for smaller more logical batches. 

I put the lid on the jar with a fresh rubber ring. Label your container if you are like me you have many different canning projects going at once and labels are our saving grace put the date and your ingredients. And put the jar away in a cool place to brew. Do shake it up every now and then. We will check it each month and I will keep you up to date on the brew.

Easy to Read Recipe with out my personal comments

6-8 Whole Vanilla Pods per cup of Vodka , Rum or Brandy

Any less and you are making Vanilla Booze.

Split Vanilla Beans lengthwise with a knife, leaving the seeds inside intact.

Place Vanilla Beans in a jar, cover with alcohol, and cap tightly.

Shake the mixture in the jar daily for 4-6 weeks.

You can infuse the Vanilla Beans for as long as you would like, and add new Vanilla Beans to make a stronger extract. Once that the flavor of the extract has reached the desired strength, (8 week minimum) strain the Vanilla Beans out and bottle the resulting extract. To make the bottles even more alluring, you can insert a Vanilla Bean into each bottle. Vanilla extract will last indefinitely, and will become even more aromatic and flavorful as it ages. Homemade Vanilla Extract may be used in exactly the same manner as commercial Vanilla Extract.

Here is a link to the final post when it is finished. And here is an excellent site for all thing's Vanilla


  1. Vodka? Really? I never thought about how vanilla extract was made but I had no clue that vodka was in it! Wow!

  2. This is really cool. I really like vanilla, too :) :) I found your blog via the link party over at Common Sense Homesteading. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

  3. Im glad it worked out good, Im trying to talk my fiance into doing this. He said if I do this he wants to brew beer, I said go for it, lol. Maybe soon I will be posting about this working for me :)

  4. I made this about four months ago. Just now trying it out on my bread pudding.........Wow! Wonderful. It is so simple and What a difference. Enjoy!

  5. A lot of people like Tocade by Rochas, a rose-vanilla scent. I don't, but it might be worth hunting down.

    Satiereal saffron


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