Vanilla Extract day 60

So this is month 3 , 90 dayz since we began the Vanilla Experiment. It is looking really good. I took the lid off for a second to taste and the taste is vanilla but the vodka is still more powerful. The site I got the recipe from says to let it steep for 3 months.

But now after a little more research from site's dedicated to the true creation of Vanilla Extract. I found that this will really need to sit for 6 months to get good quality extract. I think I will let it go a little longer. Looks like I started to late for Holiday gifts but it is a good little  stand by for my cannin' and bakin' and a cookin' crowd.

I will keep you posted. Hey Happy Holiday's everyone!!!!

If you go over to Hitchhiking  to Heaven you can see that Shea has already bottled hers for gift giving.  I think it is way to early. Mine will be saved for gift giving during the year. Look when I do my creations I like to make sure that I do it right. Thus this site is now my go to site for this subject. Not half ass or hurry hurry. You end up with Half ass product that are great for gift but not GREAT GIFT! Do your research it pay's! xoxo

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