Freezing Citrus

 It is amazing the variety of ways you can freeze lemons. I am going to run down the different way's I do and give you pictures to show you...I find the pictures on blogs sure does help you . Sometimes the mind just can not seem to grasp things on this World Wide Webster...So here goes...

Decorate your lawn with happy lemon faces....lol

I have put a few recipes for lemons at the end of this post and some for Lemon marmalade...alrighty then here we go...

Juicing Lemons

Get as much juice as possible from lemons. Have lemons at room temperature.  Roll lemons firmly on a counter with the palm of your hand to loosen juice. Cut in half and juice with a lemon reamer, or citrus juicer.

I do a few things once they are juiced...I will either juice them into ice cube trays and freeze them for drinks or for meals when needed. Also I will measure out 1/4- and 1/2 and 1 cup ....then I put them into zip lock freezer pack's for canning or recipes later on.....

 Lemon Slices

Also you can slice your lemons into nice slices put them on a cookie sheet covered in parchment the cookie sheet not the lemons...See the picture. Now once they are frozen you can pack them up into jars or zip bags and you have lemons for drinks, lemonade, fish dishes the list goes on and on it is endless these little devils love to be frozen.... A few tips I found on the Internet is to cut a little slice in them prior to freezing to put them on a drink glass.

Lemon zest -My personal favorite-the bright yellow part of the peel (never include the bitter white pith beneath) freezes well. Grate/Zest it off of lemons before you juice them, freeze it in a small glass jars or plastic bags. I use the jars because they come out easier and I always have little jars left from seasonings so I wash them and save them...Hey hey sustainable peeps..

I am Lemon Head Seriously I should have to go to Lemonhead Anonymous hey another great tip is use them for a facial astringent.

Putting down my garbage disposal. For this I recommend that you quarter them other wise they are loud and I think it makes better sense.

Try these:

Lemon Preserves
Lemon Marmalade
Orange-Lemon Marmalade
Lemon Barz from Heaven


  1. If I freeze whole lemons & grate the whole lemon will the result freeze & keep? How long? Thank you

  2. Whole lemons I do not have the answer I have never tried. My mom froze cut in half ones they turned out ok but a bit mushy. I think it depends on hows you will be using them. I freeze zest in small glass jars.

  3. How long would it take me to defrost the lemon juice and also the lemon zest. to speed things up could i put the lemon jucie in the microwave to defrost? thanks

  4. Great tips thanks. And I plan on trying the Lemon Barz from heaven.

  5. Jojo I have taken the lemon juice out the day before and also used the micro to defrost either will work. The lemon zest is so tiny and delicate i use it frozen then chopped or whole strips it defrost so fast

  6. I freeze the whole lemon and when I need them for lemonade or a recipe, I simply grate and add. It uses the whole lemon without waste.


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