Holy Crap batman ! Hot Pickled Mix

 Alright I started out with the idea of just canning a nice simple garden mix. Now I know most people do 5 to 7 pint's at a time. I do make my recipes curtail-ish to that. But I am a go large marge kinda girl. When it is fresh I want to can a much as possible at one time. Truly not something to admire because I get lost in the translation of my own thoughts. Ok so I got some of my supplies as usual on hand. My garage is half full of jars and supplies.

Book's you ask?  I always go to the book shelf to get as much information as I can. I went to the Internet to get a idea of garden mix's but really nothing I could use. So mix and match some stuff from the book's. And do you not know that the ole' reliable Ball book has the answer or as close as I could use. 

 Now the veggies. Some are in my garden but no cuck's yet and no cauliflower. I have carrot they work good to fight the tomato pest's. Really plant carrot and tomatoes in the same area the pest's despise one another. You can hear them fighting. Ok back to the day .... The Farmer's market believe it or not did not have any good pickling cucks. Go figure! Simi!
So once I got the fresh veggies on hand cut and the pot's filled with the water and potion's I am off. To where you ask the farm down the way.   You can pick your own and I wanted fresh for the project tomorrow the "fermenting" stuff.

Alright back to today's project.The recipe calls out for red and green bell peppers but they are really expensive right now. So we are going to tweak a bit by using  Cauliflower, garlic, carrots and jalapenos.  Good yes!

On the left are brown seed euuu - On the right nice beige clean seeds

The Recipe is as follows with my input

* I tweaked it a bit to show the veggies I added but will put the ingredients they call out . It makes 7 to 9 pints.

*Chop the stuff the way you like it. I personally am a rough chopper. I like it rough! LOL. I chop and prep all my ingredients prior to starting this whole process.

* Wear gloves on you hands when you chop your hot peppers. I did not the first time and rubbed my eye's oh say multiple times over and over. Even after washing the hot stays and stays.

* I do not heat up my veggies prior to packing I love them to be crunchy snappy.

*I get my water bath hot and ready. It is so much easier if you are ready with everything. The journey is calmer.  You just get to enjoy the excitement of the process.

 Hot Pickled Mix

2 cups of sliced carrots
4 cups of cauliflower
10 jalapenos
18 garlic cloves two per jar
5 quarts of water
1 cup of canning salts
Hot Liquid for jars
1/2 cup of white sugar
2 tablespoons of prepared horseradish

10 cups of white vinegar
2 cups of cider vinegar

Chop all you veggies and combine them into a large bowl or soup pot if you are going to simmer them.. Not the jalapenos.  Dissolve salt into the 5 quarts of water and pour the liquid onto your veggies let it sit for an hour. Keep the jalapenos on the side. If you do not want it so spicy discard the seeds. Now simmer you salt water mix with the veggies for 15 minutes if you prefer a softer texture to your veggies. Drain veggies, rinse the veggies really well. Set them aside for assembly time.

Ok lets review what you have ready for your jars. The veggies are ready. check The garlic cloves and jalapenos are separate and ready. check The hot liquid mixture is ready. check Your jars are hot and ready. check The lids and rims. check

I am so excited alright troops have your jars ready and assemble as follow. Jalapenos and garlic 1 garlic clove on the bottom, carrots follow, cauliflower, repeat till packed tight. Pour hot liquid on to your yummies get rid of your air bubbles cap and give them a 15 minute bath. Oh yummy!

 Here are the little guys all ready to go join there friends in the pantry

Look how well they all get along...xoxo


  1. I used your recipe as a guide last year when I canned a mix, and I love it! The only things I did differently were to can zucchini, yellow squash, pickling cukes, onion, and yellow bell peppers in the mix as well as the carrots and cauliflower. I also added different types of hot peppers--some cayenne, jalapeno, and cherry peppers. I also added a tablespoon of mixed peppercorns to each jar. The addition of the various veggies probably didn't make much of a difference in taste, but I love adding peppercorns to pickled foods, you might like it too! Thanks for the great recipe!

    1. Mikki so glad to hear you are getting creative. Canning is so very personal. Love the peppercorn idea. I have so many of them. I will try it. xoxo


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