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I have to say last night I could taste a pickle but alas none in my pantry . They have all been eaten. my mouth was watering.  I love pickles and I lover preserving them. Now my little experiment with the fermented ones. Not so much. I have to admit when I am wrong. I was a little to excited to make them and used hot warm salted water on the fresh pickles. This is a no no no after all they sat on ice cubes to get crisp. Look I'm no Canneroligist I just am like everyone else trying to get a little knowledge. I do get a few laughs on the way!

So back to pickles today I am going on a cucumber hunt. All my plants seem to be getting eaten by the mystery bug in my garden. But I will figure that out to.

That is a nice cucumber is it not if I do say so myself.  Yes one that is all I have talk about small batch.....lol

So here is the list of this weeks pickling extravaganza.
Spicy Garden mix this will have what ever we buy today that will taste yummy together which is all of it. Also Bread and Butter pickles my sister Casey made the best. And some Kosher dills. I will attempt this week to do the fermenting again...lol....love learning

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