Parsley time to freeze it

 Freeze any herb . This process could not be easier for saving any herb for use in cooking, canning or preserving. When your crop of herb's are a their peak it is time to start stashing some for winter. Kind of like Yogi the Bear.

Finely chop your parsley. I measure them into 1 teaspoon and one tablespoon portions.
 I bought a little ice cube tray that I use for this. It keeps teaspoon portions in it. The tray has little rubber bottoms to better pop the contents out.

Once they are chopped I place them into the individual cups and add a bit of water leave a tiny bit of head space they will expand when freezing.

Once they are frozen I pop them into a mason jar and top with a lid. This will stay for a good 6 months. I use them fast so to be honest I do not think I would want them to be frozen any longer.

Great way to do any herbs !

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