Peach Honey

Here is a quick and easy recipe for 'peach honey' from Wendy Poyner.

" I really like it because it uses all of the leftover 'stuff' from making your peach jam, peach slices etc...

  • You simply take all of the leftovers, skins, bruises, everything except the seeds.  
  • Cover with about an inch of water in a pot and boil them down good and hard, until their is no more meat on the skins (about 10 minutes). 
  • I ran the skins thru the food mill just to make sure I got all the peachy goodness out of them. 
  • What you have left is peach juice.  
  • You then measure your juice, whatever amount you have add 1/2 that amount in sugar.  
  • So if you have 8 cups of juice add 4 cups of sugar.  
  • You then boil down you juice/sugar mix until it is the consistency of honey.  

It took me 45 minutes to an hour of good hard boiling.  Then put into jars and water bath.  It tastes just like peach honey.  It is divine on pancakes and biscuits!!  And I feel great about using every bit of fruit!"

I adore when someone takes the time to use all their fruit. So much these days goes to waste.
Thank you Wendy for this handy share.

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