Tarragon Herb Vinegar

Making Flavored Vinegar is amazing and easy.
This is my time of year to do the easy stuff to get ready for gift giving time. Through out the year I clean and collect bottles and jars. By the time October get's here I am ready to fill them with all kind of stuff from the yard to kitchen.
The most famous method of preserving Tarragon is in vinegar. The vinegar leaches the delicate flavor from the fresh sprigs and allows it to be used in salad dressings and many other dishes requiring vinegar, including pickling.

As you know I save bottles all year to make gifts through out the year. For making these you can use the bottle the vinegar came in. I use different color of pepper corns in my vinegars. Because I do a lot of preserves and pickles I have a good variety of pepper corns. You can add a clove of garlic but I do not I want pure tarragon taste for salads.It is really fun to play with different ingredients but please do your homework before adding things you are not sure of.

Some of the bottles I saved

Now filled

 Equipment Used

1 bottle of good quality apple cider vinegar
3 or 4 sprigs of fresh Tarragon, washed and patted dry
3 or 4 pepper corns, optional
* Clean sanitized bottle

To Do

1. Place the fresh Tarragon sprigs in the bottle with pepper corns.
2. Fill the bottle with the vinegar and seal tightly.
3. Place the bottle on a sunny window sill for two weeks, gently shaking the bottle every day or so to  mix the flavors of the herbs
4. Add your own decorative label

STORAGE: These herb vinegars are quite attractive and can be stored on the counter top, pantry or kitchen cupboard.

USES: This flavored vinegar is great in marinades for meat and poultry, in salad dressings and many other recipes requiring vinegar.

The go to website I use for all thing preserve and get the answer I want without the advertising etc is Preserve Your Harvest  this site has the cutest labels also ... go there you will be hooked.

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