Sperm count vs dishwashing soap who'd have thought!

 Dilute your dish washer detergent the sperm depend on it! Yup I have yet to make my own but I know I do not need to have it so thick. My dishes have been looking just as clean as when it was full strength. Look I hand wash a lot of dishes because I am constantly cooking or preserving or something in my little kitchen thus this new search for natural.

You need to watch when you do it. If it is to diluted it run's straight through the sponge. I find that half and half is good. No not half and half the creamer ...half the dish washer soap and half the water. Shake it really good I turn mine upside down through out the day.The sperm depend on it. You have now saved at least 1000.

 Look I am the last one to preach about a la natural but I am trying!

 I am searching around for an actual recipe for dish soap most I see this AM are just different products diluted or added together. I want from rawish (natural) material . Like the fabreze I make and the fabric softener I made

I have spent this morning looking at a few websites on this subject of natural and homemade. So many fircken attitudes and so many thing that people use are not environmentally safe.

Here are a couple of thing's I noted on some sites. Arm & Hammer test on animals. Not good ! Also I just can not see buying four different ingredients that are basically soap and soap additives and expensive essential oils to make my own. Thus dilute the name brand until I can find an answer.

I know for a fact that the whole idea is to get rid of all the phthalates this is cancer causing and make the men's sperm low and liver cancer. Can you believe that just having your man wash your dishes his sperm count can diminish. Who have thought.

It seems that every site I have gone to uses liquid Castile soap. So that is where I will start today I will go buy a container and we will take it from there. You guys have an answers?

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