Sectioning Citrus for Marmalade

Cut the top and the bottom of the fruit off. Peel you citrus as close to the fruit as possible right between the pith and the fruit. You now have a clean piece of fruit no peel and no pith.

 I think that this has to be the best trick I have learned when it comes to citrus. I makes the cutting of this tangy fruit so easy. If you are like me making marmalade is something I look forward to. Being in Southern California we are blessed with some of the best citrus.

Now take the piece of fruit into your palm and look at it. You notice the sections? You want to get your knife as close to each side of the section as possible. Once you get this trick down you can see how you can get close enough to the section that you can section one side and slide the fruit section out. It takes time and patients and it is messy no matter how you look at it.

But the reward is the beautiful pieces of fruit you will have for your jams and marmalade's. I section and freeze so much of this so I can add it to any fruit when summer is hear. It is also handy for recipes that call for fresh citrus.

How nice is this bowl of sectioned fruit?

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