Candied Ginger (Crystallized)

When still warm dredge in sugar

Well when I think of ginger the first and only thought that comes to my mind is Sushi - Duhh it has been the only way I eat it in it's raw form. I have seen candied Ginger my Mama and Casey ate it all the time but no way not me. I have used it in Jam's but never my thing the ole' Ginger !

But now that Mama has moved in the world is "her" oyster. Her latest request in her fragile little con-grama way was "Oh Honey could you possibly find the time to make some candied ginger ? You know if you make it it will taste so much better. And you love to do those home made things ! Right?" Right Mama I will.

So I went and found some ginger at my local produce store - now it is not the season for ginger and it did taste good of but there was more string through the root than usual. But I used a not so sharp knife and the strands seemed to stay in the last slice piece so I could pull the cut slice off the string root. Hard to explain. Just know the best ginger is in spring.

 But we are here to learn a process not the degree of gingerness! I first went to this site it is popular and well received. Let us get started. Oh do not think I did not go to more sites! I went here to
this site and she followed the same direction as the first site but better pictures. Oh shit I did go to
this site but the thing I did not like is that the ginger was pictured there three times on a crystal glass as if it were a super model and personally I like picture's that show me the process. Anyone can take a picture and copy a recipe. Thank you! So all in all it was a short search. Cut the ginger in about 1/4" to a bit larger. As thin or thick as you wish. Oh do not cut it the length of the ginger that makes the long hair stay and it becomes a long chewy tough piece once you eat the ginger and sugar off. Experience.

Peel and chop your ginger
Peeling is easy some use a peeler or a spoon and I do not know how they hell they do it. I used a small pairing knife and it worked well. Once peeled , wash your roots. Now cut them and like I said keep them in nickle and quarter slices (not ribbon to chewy) Once they are cut this is the recipe

Once peeled and clean start to chop


One pound of Fresh Ginger
4 cups of granulated sugar
4 cups of water
1 cup of sugar on the side for coating/dusting the ginger

Rinse well

Simmer in water

Boil the ginger for 30 minutes on a low simmer and drain.

 Now take your water and sugar equal parts and add them to the sauce pan. Dissolve the sugar and bring to a rapid boil and add the ginger. Let us talk candy thermometer I have had one sitting in the pantry for a year still in it's wrapper. Finally I am using it. BUT if you do not have one do not run out and buy it keep the ginger at a rapid boil for about 45 minutes stirring occasionally - keep an eye on it mine did not burn and I was pleasantly surprised. Without a thermometer the syrup will be reduced by about a quarter and it will have the look of thin honey like  hummm 45 minutes is good to cook it.

Bring to a steady simmer till the thermometer reaches 220

The other recipes say to let it sit for an hour or best overnight. My excitement let me wait the hour ...lol..So the way I did the sugar coating was I took pieces of the cooked ginger about 6 at a time and placed them in the strainer and by hand drizzled sugar on the pieces and turned them in the strainer till they were completely covered. I then transferred them to my mouth, no really I put them on a wire rack set above a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. I did not let my ginger sit on one another because I wanted even coating. Great way to catch the sugar to save that comes off the pieces. I did leave some of the ginger in the pot to keep in the syrup I was going to save.

Let it sit overnight

Beautiful Syrup

Save the syrup and put it in a jar and refrigerate. You can use it for tea, cooking, ice cream. Also take the sugar that dropped on the parchment paper and also jar it and save it for baking ! So much out of one recipe you have to love that .

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