DIY dispenser's

Yes this is my helper "Pa" he is the go to guy for most of my "Projects"

I had seen this one on the Internet so many times but never tired it until now! I am trying to get off the plastic but it is daunting and almost impossible. Everything is in plastic. But on we tread!I found a couple of different way of doing it. One was a bit complicated because you needed to take the old screw top from your last plastic jar, cut it glue it blah blah.  But it works ! In my opinion this limits the size of squirt top you can use. I wanted something permanent and wanted to use the can top to open and close. What ever!

Now I went to another site that did it the same as me with a glue gun. She made a good point to seal the hole and she to used a glue gun. But here is the problem and I am taking pictures today a week after I have had my jar in use. It still rusted the glue from the glue gun did not adhere after all I think because of the moisture and movement. So I have to try something else to seal it. The search continue. Or maybe not even seal it. Keep reading you will see why and how'z

The first thing is get your stuff. You need a one clean  mason jar, a clean mason lid and a rim to secure the lid. To make the hole was really easy. I had Pa out there with his drill and tools. We laughed the mason lid is so soft you can actually just pierce it and use some needle nose pliers to shape the hole.

Have your glue gun ready to secure your spout. I put 40 gallons of hot glue BUT take note a few weeks later the glue came loose. So I am going to tailor it now to use
These two pictures are of the container two weeks after I made it. Notice the rust? I think it is because the water /soap got caught between the glue stuff and the lid. I took the glue off then I washed and dried the lid and just placed the top back on. I will see if this helps. 

I am finding that all things DIY are really a lesson in action. Everything I am learning to make myself always needs a little tweaking.

The squirt thing is not loose because ti is pressed down on not up.

Ok it is back on the counter and ready to re-use. I will keep updating you! xoxo

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