Canning Diva's

Well this all started with this girl Ms. Debbie one day we got together to Preserve some Jam. What a great time we all had.

Ok here is the 911. I have been asked by many people to teach them to can. So after Debbie and I had so much fun well why not. I put a little note out there to those interested to join me once a month to do this.

Everyone one had a few laughs

We started with your basic chopping on to mixing and the how to on jarring up your stuff. I really think it went well. I found that it is not so much the whole making the products that is scary. It is the little thing's.

We stared with chopping and cleaning our vegetables. We made Spicy Carrot and Jalapenos.

Then on to filling the jars with vegetables and the liquid.

Please note the slicked back safety hair do!

What your taking my picture !

How to wait patiently for your jar's !

At the same time learning the in's and outs of being a Preserved Super Model it is all in the smile.

Here is our group of girl's. It was a fun day and I truly enjoyed it!

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