Label Idea's

So many people come up with great idea's for label and these one's takes my breath away. Lord it sounds like I am in love ! The label's makes it so easy

My sister Casey made my labels and I use them for all my jar's.

The site is hosted by the Washington State Fruit Commission and some how they got the PDF of some super cute labels from various sites. SCORE ! ! ! !. So go there and download what you need. This really is exciting for those of us who do not have the creative or computer skills. ME !

There is a website called Sweet Preservation they have created a link to many label's.

Washington State Fruit Commission

The Washington State Fruit Commission have made it so you can actually download the PDF of many different creator's. This is so great because many of you do not have the time or creativity artist wise to make your own.Or like me do not know how to do that stuff on the computer.

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