Pressure Canning Potato's

This was fun. I love potato's. We are potato people. When the kids were little we would eat potato's any way we could. Now having them available right on the spot cooked and ready. Sweet yet again ! 

There are many opinion out there on peeling or not. I had some potato's that I grew and they were really thin skinned. So I did not peel them. They have in almost ever book I read that you need to peel your potatoes. This is sad because the most vitamins are in the skin.

You will need about 20 pounds of potato's to make 7 quarts.  It is really rather simple to do this. If you do peel your potato's once they are peeled have a large bowl of  water to prevent them from browning up.

I started by scrubbing my potato's really well and slicing off the eye's and brown spots.. Once they are clean I dropped them in a large pot of  water to prevent browning. It is the air that makes them brown.

Hey a little tip put a tablespoon of vinegar into the pressure cooker water it will prevent the white cloudy mark around the outside of the jar's.

I raw pack my potato's that is a personal choice. I do a large amount so it is easier for me. They say that raw pack vegetable will be less pliable and you will get less in the jar. I cut my potato's so they will fit comfortably with not a lot of space. Also that you may end up with a lower liquid level. Theses are true facts but I have taken precautions to prevent such things. But I like to make sure you are Canner Beware.

 I have a large pot of hot water ready to fill the jar's. My jar's come out of a Hot water bath and are filled with the vegetables and liquid right away.

I have put all these different pictures so you can see the 1" head space in the jar's prior to me adding the liquid.

Once you have filled all your jar's with the vegetable's add one teaspoon of kosher salt per quart. Then pour your hot liquid over the potatoes leaving 1 inch of head space in each jar.

Remove the air bubbles. Wipe the rims of your jars and place the cap and screw top.

Place your jar's into your pressure canner and Pressure can them at 11 pounds of pressure for 40 minutes. Once they are done let your pressure canner complete lower to ZERO pressure then remove the steam cap. Let the Pressure canner still cool for an additional 10 minutes and then remove the top.

Let the jars sit for 15 minutes and then remove them to a counter where they can sit until cool. This is a long process the Jars are HOT be careful.

Label and date your jar's and take off the twist top of the jar. You never want to store your jars with the twist portion of the top. 

They are beautiful are they not! 

National Center for Home Preservation is the place to go. My favorite place for information is Pick your Own  site  also Becky's Farm had a nice post.

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