Grape Ginger Jelly

This Grape Jam came from the grape adventure my friend
Darcy took me on. We were able to pick all the grapes by hand.
When you have been preserving food for a while people start to give you a free pass to pick there fruits and vegetables ! Just remember to give them some of your goodies once canned!

I have so many grapes but in cooking and straining them down it was not quite as much. I made a Grape Strawberry Jam and a Grape Marmalade and now this one Grape Ginger Jam and I do know how much people love the ginger! I always get a large amount from the local farm and use it in so many ways. Candied Ginger is great for a Holiday gift giving.

Once I cooked them down I did get a fair amount
of fresh juice. I let my grape mixture cool down a bit and ran it through my Jelly Strainer.

My Jelly Strainer


4 cups of fresh grape juice
1 cup chopped ginger
1/4 cup of lemon zest
4 tbs lemon juice
4  cups sugar

Alright start by putting your grape juice into a large pot.  Bring this to a boil and while it is getting there add your chopped ginger. Add your lemon juice.  Bring the grape juice and ginger mix to a rapid boil, stir- stir -stir.

You want this to come to a rapid boil that you can not stir down. Now add you sugar and bring it up to another rapid boil. Like all the jam's we make this jelly is no different we need to get it to the temperature for a good gel. the gel point of 222 degrees is the temperature we need .

Once you have reached the gel point you can turn the heat off let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes. Slowly and carefully scrap the foam off the top. Here is the Foam story

Alright now all that is left to do is fill those jars 1/4" from the top, wipe the rims, cap and water bath. Water bath for 15 minutes.

This makes about 8 half pints. Make sure you date and label with the name of the jelly you have in the jar's.

Disclaimer: This is not an all inclusive recipe for making jam. You should have a basic knowledge and understanding of the canning process before proceeding. Please consult your local Center for Home Preservation for additional information and available classes.


  1. i love your site! and love the addition of ginger into grape jelly... i'm halfway through my last jar of grape jelly and already dreaming of making more.

    1. Liz I am not a big jelly maker but with the FIJ Challenge this year I am discovering I seem to like it a bit more. My mouth loves texture thus the jam obsession! Thank you for the comment ! xoxo


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