Make your own Cayenne Powder

Making your own Cayenne powder is easy. It is fresh and homemade just one more spice you made yourself.

This is a mini post on what I did with the mush from the pepper's I fermented for the hot sauce I made. You can make your own spices and sauces I did and if I did you can. Making your own Cayenne Spice is easy to do.

Stuff left from the fermenting peppers

If you remember I fermented hot red pepper's to make my own hot sauce. Well after putting the mush through the food mill and bottling up the sauce I was left with a lot of pepper seeds and skin's.
Cookie sheet with parchment paper

The first thing I did was take a cookie sheet and line it with parchment paper. Once this is done I spread the seeds and skin's onto the cookie sheet and place it in the oven to dry.

Make sure you cover your hands with gloves it is a really bad thing to rub your eye's or any body part with hot pepper reside on them. OUCH

Once the pepper stuff is spread out on the sheet put it in an oven set at a low heat no higher than 225 degrees. Use caution the fumes can get you sick and pass out. Do this slow and low !

You can also just air dry them !

Once it is dry scrape the seeds and put them into a blender and grind to a fine texture.

This is my finish product. All natural and all done in three easy steps. Enjoy and leave me any question's you might have.

I store it in a glass bottle saved from other spices I have used up! 

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