Blackberry Peach Jam

Blackberry has become quite abundant in this part of California and the addition of Peaches from Washington State makes this a beautiful creation.

I have noted that since I have started to use my copper pot the jam does gel better due to the great heat I get from this copper pot. With that said this combination of Washington Peaches and California Blackberries is superb.

The ingredients like most of my jam's are simple we need fruit , sugar and lemon. Pectin is something you may add on your own ( Use the instruction's on the box) but we have become pretty pectin NOT here. The reason is a simple one the heat to gel point. Plus I have tried to get back to the most natural Jam I can. 

So let's get all our ingredients together for this jam.


6 cups peeled/chopped peach's
4 cups of blackberries
2 to 3 cups sugar
1/4 cup lemon juice

Start by getting your water-bath ready for you jam. I will put my clean jar's into the water-bath while I prepare the jam.

And a note I know "they" say that you do not have to warm the lid portion of the top but I still do. More times than not I hear that lids are not sealing and I say Nah Nah heat the lid.

That is the lid part with the rubber !

And another thing do not let the photo's just below fool you yes I do start my large batch's with some whole sliced peaches but I smooch them once I get the boil going. I give you the instructions for smaller batch's.

 And you might want to keep a cup of each fruit on the side. Why Lani? Because you can add them after the smooching to get a bit more texture to your jam. Love to bite into a piece of fruit when eating on toast!

So get your blackberries into your pot and stir on low with your lemon juice. This is the time we smooch. I have always used my good ole' potato smasher for this part.

Now add your chopped peach's. Continue to smooch and stir on medium heat. Once you get the consistency you are comfortable with add the sugar a cups at a time also add the additional fruit.

You want to bring your batch back up to a boil stirring with each cup to make sure you have dissolved each cup of sugar into the mixture.

Have your thermometer monitoring your batch remember without pectin you need a boiling point of 223 degree's. Pectin users follow the packet directions

Once you get your jam up to the right degree's have your jar's ready and warm. Pour your jam into the jar's until you are 1/4 inch from the rim. Once filled wipe your jars rims clean and cap. Have you water bath to a rapid boil prior to adding the jar's. Ok ready to add the jar's to the water-bath. Keep them covered and in the water-bath for 10 minutes. Once done remove and let them cool. Once cooled remove the twist portion of the top and wash your jars. Label and store with out the twist.

Disclaimer: This is not an all inclusive recipe for making jam. You should have a basic knowledge and understanding of the canning process before proceeding. Please consult your local Center for Home Preservation for additional information and available classes.

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