Dehydrated Onions

Here is a wonderful way to have onions year around. Any onion is acceptable. I did regular white onions. Once I dehydrated them they were so good we ate them right off the plate. This is a simple recipe and the most time consuming part  is the cutting. If you have a mandolin it will cut your time in half just try to keep them in disk form for drying.


Food Dehydrator or oven @170
Goggles and gloves

I use goggles to keep from crying and gloves to keep from smelling like onion.

Start by peeling the outer skin off your onion. Slice the onion into thin about 1/8" disk.

Now place them in between some paper towels to dry them out.

Place your onion onto the dehydrator and dry until crisp and no more moisture is in the slices. Every dehydrator is different. It could take 4 to 8 hours. Some dehydrators have a thermostat so if so let it be set at 140 degrees. Do not dry in the house if you are using a dehydrator the smell is pretty strong.

You could oven dry your onions. I do not advise this as you need to leave the oven open slightly and this is dangerous if you have small children or pets.

When you store your onions the most important thing is to make sure the onions are completely dry. Place your onions on a plate and let them sit out for a couple of days. They may disappear because they are delicious!

You want to make sure there is no more moisture in the slices so if you do not see any moisture on your plate they are dry. You can place them in a mason jar with a tight top. Also I have a Seal Save and I do bag some to keep for soups and other recipes down the line.

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