Homemade Pickling Spices

Making your own Pickling Spices is very easy and quite convenient when you want to pickle now and you have everything but those darn spices. They are dried and last a long time 2 to 3 years. Keep them in a tightly sealed mason jar. When I buy the spices most are whole which is what you want you will be crushing some. The recipe here is for standard pickling spices.

Let me answer a couple of questions. Pickling Spices are a blend of 6 to 8 seasonings and spices. Many of the spices are probably right in your pantry. For instance mustard seed, allspice, coriander seeds, cloves the list can be pretty extensive. Lets keep it simple.

Ingredients for Pickling Spices

Mustard seed
Coriander seed
Black Pepper corn
Bay Leaf crushed
Ground Cloves
Red Pepper Flakes if you want a little bite (spicey)

For Bread and Butter Pickles 

Mustard seed
Crushed Cinnamon
Celery seed
Black Peppercorn
Ground Turmeric 
Ground Ginger

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