Baking Soda to Washing Soda POOF

 Look I am the first person to try to get a little more Ah La Natural but when it becomes a pain in the ass or the stuff does not work I do not like that. Would you? I have made my own fabreze which is delicious and I swear by it. I have made Laundry softener and it works and you have a choice with that you can also use a cup of vinegar per load to soften. Wala.

Ok back to the topic making Washing Soda I followed the directions to the T . I even did the comparison picture. I still need to make detergent and test the detergent to make sure it works. I am a stickler on my laundry. The biggest difference in these two product's  baking VS washing soda is the texture. The Baking soda is clumpy and the Washing soda once baked is fine grain.   Once the baking soda is cooked it will be a tiny bit changed in color. The most noticeable change is the texture.

 There were three different sites I went to to gather as much information as I could one site explains that it is ok to cook the Baking Soda for up to an hour or more. The other two sites make it clear that you had to only cook it for 45 +. At Pennilessparenting this blog gives simple and easy instructions. I should probably stop there but my mind wants all the facts.

Homemade Washing Soda

One box of baking soda standard size is 16 oz or 1 lb
Large baking sheet this would be your cookie sheet
* make sure it has a rim
Large Bowl
Zip Lock Bag

Pre heat your oven to 400 degrees.

Spread the baking soda evenly on your baking sheet. Place your baking sheet in the oven and bake for 30 minutes at that time take the tray out and carefully turn the baking soda so that it cooks evenly. Return to over and bake for another 30 minutes. I do it for an hour why? This let's me know that it has cooked thoroughly hand at the right temperature.

Once the baking soda is cooked it will be a tiny bit changed in color. The most noticeable change is the texture. The Soda is smooth and the lumps are all but gone. I take it out of the oven and let it cool down a bit.

Once cooled I send it through a strainer.

 I want no lumps. The lumps that are there are so tiny you would probably not even know they are there. Put your Washing soda into a air tight jar or a zip lock bag. If it is exposed to air it turns back into baking Soda magic!

This next week I will be experimenting with Laundry Soap and other winter fun stuff in the DIY part of the year.

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