Pressure Canning Black Beans

Black Beans being Pressure cooked you would think "Relatively Easy!" Sometimes I think there is way to much information on the Internet how do you say "To many Chief's and not enough Indians"  But then again who is the dummy after all I am searching right!

So I set out to pressure cook some black beans. About three month's ago I got all excited when I saw a post on FB about someone who was just putting a cup of dry beans in a jar adding water and wala beans! Now I know that yes you can do this but there is just a teenie weenie bit more to it. So being the A-D-D-ish person I went on yes a Google fest. I looked up Pressure Canning Dry Beans.

A month later no shit a month I went to Sprout's one of local good market. Yes there are good market and there are bad markets. Kinda like the Wizard of OZ. I bought myself 6 pounds of black beans because I was going to pressure can them suckers !

So I soaked my beans and had three sites that I was going back and forth to get the idea's and general rules of the beany thing. I had this site good site but I hate hate hate having to scroll through advertising and pop ups to get to what I need. Also it got to the point where it showed me exactly how much beans go in the jar and the space I needed to leave and then it said " I still have not gone back and filled with liquids"  Ok that is ok but when you say one inch to the top please please please clarify liquid - beans - both. So I ran over to the other site this site again has the ad's and the only problem is I think her process is good but Not to soak your beans EEUU ! BEANS ARE DIRTY .

Soaked the beans yes it is a BIG bowl. Fill about 1" above beans
I did ton's of research on what beans are grown in and what they have on them besides dirt, sand and other ground grub. Rinsing is essential I would be modified if some one bit into my beans and got a bit of dirt or that delicious sandy taste. All in all good post. A really good site is this one it is good information but I do not want to have to download your recipes to view them. So this site is for me a great one for information. After I was done with the beans I noticed because I followed directionless that I lost liquid at first this was not an issue but the god damn beans got thirst overnight and good lord the liquid was down far enough that some of the little black beans were not covered in broth. Oh My!

Beef Broth simmers with onions and garlic

This is my broth simmering with chopped onions and garlic.
Just below is the beans simmering in the beef broth. After I cleaned the dirty beans. And yes that is a little butter because in one of the sites said "If you add some butter that makes less foam when pressure canning" but again to the jar or to the pan????  I just put some in the simmering broth. no harm done. BUT Next time I am not adding any butter! Waste of good butter!

Cook your beans for 30 to 45 minutes in the broth
Here are my jars filled with what I later think was to many beans. I will add less beans next time and more broth !

Black Beans with Garlic

Bean Level

Beans with 1/2 tsp salt you do not need to add salt !!

Experiment beans in broth with Los Arboles Chili's. Hot stuff could have used more liquid

Again next time less beans more liquid. You getting the idea? I added 1 garlic clove and two dried los arboles chiles later I will blend this into a spicy bean dip. Oh Yum!

I searched and search and searched and finally came to the site that had a detailed description of what and how and why for me. It reassured me that time and care and headache I got was worth it because as long as I did not loose more that half the liquid per jar I am ok! Thank you phew Ok here is the information on Ready

This was beans with 1" head space with liquid so I say less beans more liquid

See the pictures of the liquid before I pressure canned and the end result they say as long as there is not less than half full of liquid it is safe. So I am calling this safe!  BUT I will add more liquid less beans next time.

Pressure Canning Black Beans an overly detailed recipe with the ingredients BOLD type.


  • Take 5 to 8 pounds of uncooked dry black beans (Or as many as you want to can more or less they almost double in size after soaking example is a half bowl of soaking beans is a almost a whole bowl after they soak)
  • Rinse and then soak the beans overnight in a large bowl or two if you only have small ones please remember beans are dirty
  • The night before you can your beans get everything ready it makes it easier when you get up all refreshed and sipping hot delicious coffee or tea. I put my clean jars into a clean empty dish washer the night before and when I wake up I run a short load by the time I am ready they are hot and clean-er. If you do not have a dish washer just dip them in a large stock pot of boiling water.
  • You need your pressure canner, clean jars pint or quart , lids and seals, jar gripper, oven mitt's, measuring cups or something to pour the beans into the jars, large pot for your broth and large enough to add your beans, get your things you want to add chopped and in bowls (I do carrot's chopped three cups, garlic cloves two per jar and dried los arboles chilies two per jar, beef (chicken)broth 8 cups +, kosher salt 1/2 tsp per pint 1 tsp per quart this salt is a personal choice not necessary, measuring spoons, towels , clean sponge or small rag to wipe jars. I think that is it? 
  • Good Morning it is the next day did you dream beans? 
  • Rinse and clean your beans - pick out the creepy looking ones and rinse well. I rinse them take a layer at a time and put the beans in the broth. Rinse a layer off at a time until they are all ready to simmer in the pot.
  •  Put your broth 8 + cups is good add water if you need more liquid in your pot and let it simmer on low. The broth should just cover the beans by about 2 inches this gives you plenty of broth for the jars.
  • You can only do 6-7 jars at a time in a standard pressure canner so the jars and half fill them 1/2 fill the jar with beans if you are adding other ingredients. I add raw chopped carrot's then add more beans. I say fill them till you have the jar 3/4 full.  Now fill the remaining space with your liquid. . Look at my pictures I could have put a little less beans in my jars and a little more liquid
  • Ok once filled wipe the jar rims clean and put on the lid and rim and tighten. Put the jars in your pressure canner. Make sure there is space between each jar they need room to jiggle around a bit. I never have more than 7 well actually I could not fit more than 7 in mine. That was a duh moment.
  • Beans/Carrot/Beans again to much beans and I will fill with more liquid
  • Pressure can at 10-11 pounds of pressure for 75 minutes for pint and 90 for quart. 
Hey good luck nothing is set in stone ( dirty beans have stones) my friends. Just make sure you are using clean sterile stuff and wash those hands. Good Luck and Happy Beans. Hey pressure canned beans means less farts ! WOOT WOOT

Disclaimer: This is not an all inclusive recipe for making jam. You should have a basic knowledge and understanding of the canning process before proceeding. Please consult your local Center for Home Preservation for additional information and available classes.

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  1. Hi Pamla. You are doing a great job with this site. Thanks for all the great info. Interesting what you find to add to the beans. I'll have to try some of those ideas.
    I can all beans from an old Mennonite recipe. I soak 5 lb. of beans overnight; rinse and drain. Pack 7 qt. jars 3/4 full; add 1 tsp salt; fill jar to the neck with hot water; seal and pressure steam for 1 hour at 10 lb pressure. I like to add just water because when I use them I rinse the beans well and then they are ready to use for any recipe.


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