Pickling in our family is tradition from Grandma Lois to Grandma Apple. We have done it and I hope to carry on this tradition. This is a learning process and I am glad you are here to join me. I could also use your help. How you ask with questions, challenges and tips from those who have gone ahead of me. Hey we all could use a little help. I have taken many a recipe and changed or rearranged it. Tweaked as I call it in many a post. But so far no complaints.

Here is a great place to go to get pre-mixed
pickling spices The Spice House or Make your Own

Breads and Butter Pickles
Canning your Fermented pickles 
Dill Pickles   
Dill Pickle Chunks with Garlic Cloves 
Fermenting Chapter One Cucumbers
Fermenting Chapter Two Cucumbers 
Kosher Dills- 2 ways


Carrot and Jalapeno's Spicy
Cowboy Candy (Jalapenos)